Education and Broader Impacts

The iconic design of Biosphere 2 offers tremendous opportunities for research in earth and ecological sciences. The striking 3-acre physical structure is paired with a unique approach to education and outreach that is intimately linked with cutting-edge research activities. Visitors to Biosphere 2 can see science in action, interact with university research, and have hands-on experiences with earth-systems science. Families, student groups, the university community, and the public can all experience Biosphere 2's innovative approach to tackling some of our biggest scientific questions.

Broader Impacts

Biosphere 2’s education and outreach programs are sustainable and community-oriented and they address fundamental scientific challenges regarding water and energy management in semi-arid environments. 

Specifically, our education and outreach programs:

  • Highlight the complex coupling of life, energy, and water in the dynamics of our world to inspire our students and the general public, including K-12 teachers and students;
  • Train leaders among university faculty and students in communicating science to the general public;
  • Are responsive to the needs of diverse stakeholders and audiences